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Snowman 1966 March 10, 2021
"Very good food, fantastic prices, nice atmosphere, and incredibly outstanding service. Would highly recommend this establishment"
William Slaughter March 9, 2021
"If you happen to find yourself in the quaint fishing town of Belfast in the am. Make sure to visit this classic establishment for home cooked breakfast. Admire the art as you dine. I'd recommend the cheddar sausage potato cake with home fries. But that's just me. Enjoy hope you visit Maine."
Amanda Dennison February 22, 2021
"Great breakfast"
Corey Dennison February 21, 2021
"Good food and attentive service!"
Michelle Michaud February 15, 2021
"Breakfast is easy to s rew up but here, they don't! Plenty of tasty food and decent prices. Pam was our waitress and was fantastic!"
Peter Brown January 17, 2021
"Best breakfast on the midcoast."