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Christine Price September 9, 2021
"This was such a lovely find! I loved the festive murals and great food! Good service and clean bathroom! Lots of locals in the dining area proves it to be a well-loved breakfast spot."
Adrienne Price September 9, 2021
"Nice diner, I like the murals. Friendly staff. Masks required! Which is good. I enjoyed the Jack stack"
E.B. Dodge September 6, 2021
"Attentive wait staff. Good food."
Brad September 4, 2021
"Cute diner, breakfast sandwich was awesome, pancake was doughy and not that flavorful. Really happy they required masks."
Ryan Totman September 2, 2021
"Always a good place to go for breakfast and lunch in Belfast."
Barbara Smith September 1, 2021
"Great place for breakfast!"